Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We actually updated the blog! Scroll down for a plethora of photos and an update on Minya. When you get to the bottom of the page it doesn't stop there. Click on "Older Posts." More to come...

Minya holding onto daddy's fingers.

Bathtime! She wanted to look like a boxing champ on this day.

Even though she loves her visitors, she prefers to be alone with her deep thoughts.

Hanging out with my friends the twins - 7 month-old Abigail and Justin. Minya was trying to sit up like them!
Minya's little feet, with her even littlier toes!

Enjoying her favorite pasttime with Bethany - bouncing on the ball!

She was unsure what to make of the hike.

On her first hike up Mt. Putney. The snow is deceiving, because it was a warm day.

Minya in the swing - thanks Su and Mike!
What an eventful past two months we’ve had. Today Minya is 9 weeks and 1 day old! She weighed 13lbs 9oz, and was 25 ¼ inches long at her two month visit to the doctor’s last week. We think that by now, a week later, she might already be 14lbs! She eats like a champ, but is starting new eating patterns that we’re just trying to keep up with and figure out. As some of you may have seen by watching our video below, Minya is also talking a lot these days. She tells us stories about her days and her dreams. And sometimes, we think, she is just telling us some of her frustrations with the world. We are now trying to get her more interested in ‘tummy time’ to help strengthen her neck and the rest of her body so that she isn’t always on her back. This will eventually help her in all of the things that are to come – rolling over, pushing herself up, sitting up, crawling. We’re excited for these events, but are also loving living in the moment of where she is right now.

When she was 5 weeks, Minya, mama and daddy took a trip to visit family and friends in Great Barrington and Philly. See the photos of those visits below. The highlight of the trip was the party to welcome Minya to the world where she met many new people who we hope will be in her life for a long time. She also celebrated her first Tsaghan Sar or Mongolian Lunar New Year. She sat through the nearly two-hour prayers at our Temple, just taking in all of the prayers and sounds – what a superstar! Thanks to the driving skills of Baba Mary, Minya and mama are now back home in Vermont. During the days, mama and Minya play at home and sometimes have visitors like some of the folks in the photos above. After being in many social settings, it’s clear that Minya enjoys being around many people, but likes to kind of do her own thing. Mostly, she likes to sleep, which we think is great! Some other firsts for Minya have been her first: potluck, hike, and study circle on Samir Amin. We think she liked the study circle best:). Hope you enjoy the photos. We’re working on updating the blog more often, so keep an eye out for updates. Now we're awaiting the arrival of Auntie Kymberlie and cousin Elliot all the way from Austin, Texas just to meet Minya! Stay tuned for photos of that next time. Take care. Hugs and love from Brattleboro, Minya, mama and daddy

Back home again. Catching up on reading Mothering magazine, but wasn't too exciting.

More family. Ti ti Nyain-nya.

More Tsaghan celebrating at Nyain-Nya Namy and Uncle Ray's house. Garu, uncle Ray!

Visiting Ava for Tsaghan. 'Mende, mende garuchi!'
Gabby sneaking a cupcake. She only ate the icing.
Being held by Great-great-aunt Sanda, or 'Candy Nyain', with Ava and Shawn making faces in the background.

Being held by big cousin Vanessa, with Baba as the 'spotter'.

Amaya and her mama, Mariko came to welcome Minya to Philly.

Party time! Minya meeting her Great-great-aunt Sara. Like all of us kids before her, Minya is telling 'Nyain' a story. And she's wearing the skirt that she got especially for the party, over her onesie.
Our little sunshine and her double chin!

Minya meeting our Geshe La for the first time during our trip to Philly.

From our trip at the end of Feb. Minya with Jonathan's grandparents, Nancy and Johnny, and sister Shawnee. Notice how Minya checks out Johnny.
Minya asleep in her bear suit.
Minya awake in her bear suit.
Auntie Brie and Auntie Shelley on their visit to meet Minya. We had such a great time with them and can't wait for them to visit again!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Minya and her baba

Minya was sad to see her Baba leave back in January. But, she knows that she'll see her again soon in Philadelphia!

Just chillin' w/my hands in my pockets