Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, visits, and giggles!

Minya's been very busy since our last blog post. She has started to get stronger and stronger, and is on her way to sitting up soon. When she's laying down, in her car seat or bouncy chair, she constantly tries to pick her head up and into a sitting position. When she first started doing it I was freaked out, but then realized that it's probably all part of the natural progression. She's also started to put most things in her mouth these days, drools like a mad dog, and otherwise sucks on her lips and fists, which makes us think that she's on her way to having teeth in the next couple of months. She's been smiling like crazy for us, at least 10 times a day, but never when we have the camera ready. BUT, we did catch the tail end of a little laughing fit - her FIRST LAUGH - on camera, so you can hear her cute giggle. Our hearts melt at the sound of what is in store. Since Jonathan was the one to make her laugh for the first time (by dropping one of her plush toys on her) we've decided that we're now in competition to make her laugh again. The pressure is on!

We've also had lots of visitors and made some visits ourselves. In mid-March our good friend Kymberlie and her son Elliot visited us all the way from Austin, Texas. They traded the warm sunshine for melting snow to meet Minya for the first time, which was special since Jonathan and I first met Elliot in Austin when he was about the same age. We miss them and can't wait to visit them on their home turf in the future. Next, we visited Boston for a conference on "New Strategies in the Obama Era" where Minya was by far the youngest participant. She was intrigued by much of what was said, and we're still awaiting some of the strategies that she cam up with. Then, just a week ago, we spent some days visiting my mom, Minya's Baba Mary, outside of Philly. We got to see Nyain Nya Sandy, cousin Lauren, and Ava. Since Jonathan's birthday fell while we were there, we got to celebrate with our good friends Brie, Kavi and Adam. We also visited our good friend Stephanie who was super duper excited to meet Minya, especially since that's when Minya gave us her first giggle (see below to hear it!).

Now we're back in Brattleboro where we just had Mark, Meredith, Emma, Phoebe, and Stella Tomlinson Hulbert visit us. Mark is Jonathan's godfather, and Emma is Jonathan's goddaughter, so it was exciting to have them meet Minya. Jonathan's sisters, auntie Nadia and Shawnee, and niece Amira were also visiting on the same day, so we had a week full of family time. Meeting and visiting with both of our families is very important to us, so we are grateful for all of the visitors, and can't wait to see more of other family and friends in the future - come on up for a visit! Finally, while no eggs were dyed this year, Minya was feeling in the Easter mood and decided to put on her bunny coat. She was, by far, the cutest bunny around! Hope you enjoy the photos and video. Keep coming back for more since Spring has sprung and Minya is getting bigger and bigger.
Happy Easter! And a happy birthday to Nana and auntie Allie from the cutest bunny around!

Minya and Mama.

Silly wabbit!

Loving her aunties, Shawnee and Nadia.

A visit from the Tomlinson Hulberts. Minya with Stella, Phoebe, and Emma.

Happy Birthday Daddy! Minya enjoyed her daddy's hand while we enjoyed some Mexican food with friends.

On a walk with Baba Mary on Hillthorpe.
Her first, of many, laughs!

Visiting auntie Stephanie. Yes, they are on the ball!

Asleep in the baby bjorn.

Minya is beginning to sit up!

Minya enjoys the fact that she found her hands - yum! She also enjoys eating other people's hands (see above).
Another bath. She loves her froggie towel!
Talking to her chicken friend. Minya gets frustrated that she never responds.
Minya had such a fun time with auntie Kymberlie and cousin Elliot! We can't wait to see them again - maybe in Austin or Philly.

Swinging in the snow! We went to the playground near our house when Elliot and Kymberlie were here.

This is Minya's little buddy Birch, in his jedi outfit, and his mama Angela.